David Miller is a senior Pitjantjatjara man living at the remote community settlement of Kanpi in the Western Desert of northern South Australia. He was born around 1950 at Aparatjara, a traditional camping place 30 km east of Kanpi. As a child he lived around Inarki, a little further west and travelled with his family on foot over vast distances from Warburton in WA to Ernabella in SA for ceremonial occasions and the trading of dingo scalps for tea and flour. The family moved to Ernabella mission when David was around 10 and he attended the mission school for a few years. During this period David often travelled with his family who worked on various cattle stations in the Northern Territoy as stockmen.

At 16 David took at job at Todmorton Station near Oodnadatta where he worked as a ringer and horse breaker, before returning to his traditional country for ceremonial training. David lived in Amata for many years before heading back out west to his traditional homelands. He was involved with the setting up of Pipalyatjara Community and the homeland at Inarki. David now lives at Kanpi with his wife Ruth Fatt. David began painting in 2005 when the first professional art service was offered to people living in the far western communities of the Pitjantjatjara lands. Due to his committments elsewhere and the intermittent nature of the roving art service offered very few work were produced in this period. It was not until 2008 that David began to paint regularly at Tjungu Palya. Since then David has achieved much acclaim for his works.