Piltati Tjukurpa (the creation story for Piltati). Wati wanampi kutjara (the two serpent brothers) live here in the rock hole. Ngayulu law (I’m the law man for this place). Kungka kutjarangku kuka langka munu kuniya, kuka kutjupa-kutjupa tjawara (the two sisters were digging for edible snakes and lizards). Tjukurpa mulapa (this is a true story). Minyma mulapa. Wati mulapa. Piltatila. As a young man I watched my tjumu (grandfarther) paint. I used to sit next to him and he told me about the two wanapi brothers. Before he passed away he said to me to continue this story. So This is my version of the Piltati story.

This artwork has been sold.