Kalaya Tjukurpa

This is a dreaming story for Kanpi area. Wati Kalaya (the Emu Man). Each day he went to Kanpi Rockhole with his chicks and met up with Wati Kipara (the Bush Turkey Man) who also bought his child. One day the emu told all his children to hide in the bush and he waited for the turkey to come. When the turkey arrived at the rockhole with his child he asked the emu ” where are all your chuildren?” The emu replied ” I’ve killed them all, they were too much trouble and you should do the same”. The turkey son asked his father to think about it. “Don’t kill me he said, I’m a good son and I can help you!” But the turkey killed his son like the emu told him to. Ngaltutjara (poor thing). Later on the emu came out with all his children following behind. The turkey became very angry and swore he would get revenge.

This artwork has been sold.