Malilu munu Kalaya Tjukurpa

This is my country around Kanpi. This is the home and story for Malilu. She has been travelling all around collecting wild foods. She has gone into her cave, which is underground and is sitting with here wana and wira (collecting bowl and digging stick). She has all the wild foods she’s collected:; kampurarpa, kunakanti, wakati, and ngapari. Mai tjuta (lots of wild foods). This area is also home to the Kalaya (emu). There are rockholes and creek lines crossing over this place. The Kalaya mai (emu foods) are abundant. They are travelling around eating kampurarpa, ili, wayanu, kunakanti, tjulpulpa and puli tjuta. All the small stones they gather from the creek bed and eat them too. Tjukurpa mulapa. This is important country with strong Dreaming. This is the story for that old man (Jimmy Baker), my father.

This artwork has been sold.