This is the story of two women- the older sister is called Atatjara. They sit around their campsite patiently and when the time is right they go out searching for the kuka pulka (big game). As they search the women come across the tracks of a large snake that could feed them well, little do they know these tracks have been drawn in the sand by two men to trick the women. The men have used their miru (spear throwers) to make tracks that look like a big snake. The Wanampi men (water-snake men) are cunning, they leave a trail of kuka kulupa (little bits of meat) to keep the women chasing.

The women think they are getting close, but they only ever find small pieces of meat. They become confused. One day they are digging along the track, they dig one hole…nothing, they dig a second hole…nothing, they dig a third and forth hole and finally while they are digging the fifth hole they uncover two men asleep. The men are in a deep slumber, snoring loudly. The women become wild with anger when they realize they have been tricked by the Wanampi men.

While the men are still sleeping, one woman takes her wana (digging stick) and strikes one of the men on his back. The man wakes up in pain and sees the woman running away. He chases her, devours her and drags her back into the Piltati rockhole, the Wanampiku ngura (water-snake resting place/home).The Wanampi is always surrounded by water. He belongs to water, water belongs to him.